Select dalam select to json

Return format json select a.f_name, array_to_json(array(select d_name from hid_department where d_code_induk=a.f_code AND d_name ILIKE ‘%Cari%’)) as department from hid_faculty a where f_code=’xxxxx’ AND f_name ILIKE ‘%Cari%’; Return format string select f_name, array_to_string(array(select d_name from hid_department where d_code_induk=’xxxxx’),’|’) as department from

Ionic 3

node -v –> version node npm -v install ionic -> npm install -g ionic cordova create project –> ionic start MyDecApp blank start service kat dalam folder project –> ionic serve create file baru –> ionic g page Profile tgk

Mysql to Mysqli

How to Convert MySQL to MySQLi: MySQL vs MySQLi If you are not aware by now that the MySQL extension is being removed in the PHP 7 release, then let me be the first to welcome you to the current

PHP Java Bridge

———- DOWNLOAD ———– 1. Download tomcat 7.077 2. Download EasyPHP / Xampp / Wampp 3. Download JavaBridge and unpack the files / download JavaBridge.war file and save it in any folder. ———–INSTALL EASYPHP ——————— 4. Install EasyPHP and test the

ionic push notification

ionic push notification ionic start MyApp tabs ionic add ionic-platform-web-client ionic plugin add phonegap-plugin-push –variable SENDER_ID={{ Project number google }} ionic io init ionic config set dev_push false ionic config set gcm_key {{ Project number google }} ionic platform add

Start ionic

Start ionic node install command npm install -g ionic npm install -g gulp npm install -g bower npm install -g cordova android sdk/studio & xcode (mac only) download chrome livereload plugin : Test : ionic -v gulp -v bower -v